About Us

About Fox Contracting

Building or renovating a house is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through, especially if you hire the wrong people.

A competent contractor will empathize with your needs, anxieties and budget constraints, while strategically turning your ideas into reality.

With Fox Contracting, your house is in the right hands. Our firm specializes in renovations, additions and ground-up construction. We employ only the best people in their respective fields to handle each part of the building process from start to finish.

Why Choose Us


All Your Contractor Needs under One Roof

Fox Contracting makes it easier for you to receive the assistance you need. Whether you need a simple renovation or require a house built from scratch, our team of qualified subcontractors can provide unmatched work to fit your budget and personal style.

Our decades-long experience in the residential construction industry with the help of our highly-organized management team, certified builders, talented designers and skilled crew gives us an edge over the rest. You can trust Fox Contracting in completing major home repairs, bathroom or kitchen renovations, concrete formwork, vinyl decking installment, and more.


Competitively Priced Quality Workmanship

You don’t have to go into debt to build your dream house or get those much-needed home repairs done. Fox Contracting will work with your budget without compromising quality. As a trusted contractor of the community, we have various contacts that could provide materials at a lesser cost than retail. We’ll also stick to your budget to obtain your “must-haves,” recommend cheaper alternatives if needed and direct you to options with the same quality but with friendlier costs.


Projects Backed with Warranty

We take pride in our work. Every job Fox Contracting accepts, whether big or small, is backed by warranty. While our goal is never to be called back for even minor problems, our warranty will give you peace of mind that should something go wrong; you’re covered!


Worry-free Management and Implementation

Our client’s input is always welcome at any phase of the project.  But to ease away the stress of home construction or renovation, Fox Contracting will perform all the necessary legwork from permits to design, actual building to inspection, and everything else required for your project. Our general contractors follow strict compliance with all building codes, rules, regulations, and laws. Rest assured you will be updated regularly throughout the project.

How We Work

Communication is important to us. It is the secret to all our successful home renovation and construction projects. Fox Contracting empowers our clients to be fully informed throughout the course of a project. This way, a client can choose to be involved in the work for as much (or as little) as he/she decides.

We understand that each job is unique, which is why we create tailored plans for our clients. However, as a guide, Fox Contracting follows these three major steps:


During the first phase of a project, we listen to all your ideas and requirements. Our certified designers will help you turn these ideas into real, workable designs that would fit your budget and meet your needs. If you don’t have a vision of your new home or renovated space yet, our team will guide you in customizing your project inspired by various design trends and options until you’ve reached the most appropriate design to fit your style.


This step also includes site survey (to record exact measurements of the space for renovation/construction), layout proposal (providing clients with initial sketches), and permit completion.


Once you decide on a final design, the second phase of our project begins. Our engineers will work alongside our design team to develop a comprehensive plan need to guide our contractors in building your project. We’ll also guide you in deciding numerous things during this stage, such as kitchen/bathroom layout, finishes, materials, windows and doors, lighting, and other items that would all affect the quality and price of your project.

During the planning stage, you also have to decide the timeline of your project. When do you want your space renovated or your home built? We’ll assist you in determining a reasonable timeline for the work required.


The most exciting stage of our work is the construction phase, where all your ideas will be slowly turned into reality. For ground-up construction, Fox Contracting will perform all necessary tasks from foundation to paving, building all structures, installing plumbing and electrical, as well as interior finishing.

Throughout the building stage, we will work on your project with your budget, visions, and schedule on the mind.

Areas Served:
Downtown Vancouver | West End Vancouver | Yaletown | Coal Harbour | Gastown | Burnaby | Richmond | Kerrisdale | Kitsilano | Marpole | Oakridge| Shaugnessy | South Cambie | Killarney | Victoria | Dunbar