Deck Construction

A new deck is a great investment if you’re looking for ways to improve curb appeal of your home. It dramatically changes the look of your entire home, while adding floor space without major renovation inside the house.

Years ago, decks were only made of stone and wood, both of which had upsides and downsides. But with the advancement of technology, vinyl has now made its way outdoors and has been the number one choice when it comes to deck construction.

Benefits of Vinyl Decks

Fox Contracting has a vast experience with deck installation, from stones, different kinds of wood, and now, with vinyl. If you’re looking into expanding your home with a deck installation, or included a spectacular deck with your new home plan, here are several more reasons why you should go with vinyl:

  • Durable – Vinyl is a strong material that does not crack, warp, and splinter. It is scratch-, weather- and stain-resistant, easily withstanding mildew, mold and even insects.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike wood that require a lot of maintenance to keep its original shape intact, vinyl decks do not require staining, sanding or sealing. Although it may experience mold, particularly if the deck has no roof, scrubbing mold off would solve the problem quickly.
  • Attractive – Vinyl mimics real wood, if the design you chose has grains on it. Some are designed to look like granite. You can mix and match styles to find the perfect design for your deck. Vinyl is also available in a wide range of colors, since this material cannot be stained to match your home’s palette.

Like real wood, vinyl is available in various lengths, widths and textures. It can be installed in planks, cut for rail and molding installation, or used as tongue and groove.

Deck Construction Process

To understand why you need to hire the pros for this kind of installation, here are the major steps involved in deck construction:

  • Prep – Preparing the area where your new deck will be installed is the first and most important step. If you’re revamping an old deck, all boards must be removed and fixtures inspected for possible damage. For new decks, you start with framing, and sheeting the deck. Prep also includes smoothing the surface of your plywood and adding drip edge, which is necessary for water to drain over the deck properly.
  • Apply Adhesive – After leveling the deck with liquid cement mix, let it dry completely. The next step is to apply latex glue or solvent-based contact cement onto the deck plywood and vinyl sheets. To avoid bubbles from staying on the deck, apply adhesive evenly.
  • Roll out Vinyl – This may sound extremely simple to do, but rolling out the vinyl isn’t as simple as spreading out carpet. Slowly roll out the vinyl, ensuring that they are flat. Pressure must be applied to prevent air from being trapped in between the plywood and vinyl.
  • Welding – The last step involves multiple welding to turn all pieces of the deck into one, solid piece. Although this step can be time-consuming, it is an important one since the durability of your deck would depend on how well your deck parts are joined together.

As you can see, deck construction involves a lot of complicated steps. One wrong measurement, missed step, or failed drip edge could lead to an uneven deck, or worse, a deck that floods during rainy season. But of course, once you do it right, all hard work will be worth it. A successfully installed deck adds character and moving space to your home.

If you want to skip this process and have a deck constructed or renovated on your home, it is best to call the pros to do it for you. Note that deck construction follows specific building code requirements. It is not enough to just hire any contractor for your new deck. You’ll need a team of skilled builders, welders, designers, and deck installers who understands everything there is to it to build a durable, weather-resistant, shock-proof deck that could withstand even the harshest of outdoor environments.

Find one like Fox Contracting, who employs certified vinyl decking installers on their team. Check out our portfolio, or call us today for a free estimate of your deck project.

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