Home Renovation

One of the inevitable facts of a homeowner’s life is the need to renovate their space one way or another. Even if you’ve lived in your home meticulously for years, repairs can still sneak up on you when you least expect it. For some, renovation isn’t much of a necessity, but an investment to boost the value of their real estate.

If you’re unsure if you need your home renovated, here are 10 most common projects that you might be interested in:

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is described as the attractiveness of your home as viewed from the street. First impressions are everything, especially with real estate, so make it count. Improving curb appeal can be as simple as dressing up your front door, or as complicated as landscaping makeover. Other ideas include revamping your mail box, adding colorful plants to your lawn, installing a picket fence, and cleaning the dirt, mildew and other grunge from your house’s exterior.

For more complex projects like roofing, resealing cracked asphalt or damaged bricks, refastening sagging gutters, and addition of patios, sundecks or more, it is best to go with a contractor who could do the job more effectively.

Plumbing Update

When any of your home’s water supply pipes and water waste lines gets damaged, a home will be deemed unsafe to live in. Every house built has its own plumbing system with varying features like water heater or circulation system. Do note that even if you’re handy enough to perform many home repairs, renovating your plumbing system should be left to the pros.

Basement or Attic Renovation

Evert room may need renovation after years of dwelling in them, but the basement and attic are often forgotten since they aren’t used or visited as often as the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Remember that any extra space can be used as a craft room, man cave, extra bedroom for a new baby, a guest room, or other livable space. Plus, if you plan to sell the house, renovating these areas instantly add square footage into your real estate.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are the most difficult due to its small space and multiple systems. It involves not just aesthetic add-ons, but also major plumbing fixtures on the sink, shower and toilet. Renovating this space is particularly important because it is one of the most-used areas in any home. For some, renovating a bathroom is not needed due to repair, but to upgrade old toilets into newer water-conserving models.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen suffers the earliest damage to a home because it is exposed to different temperatures. It is often the deciding factor of buyers, if you’re hoping to sell your home. Whether you’re renovating the kitchen for future sale, or just want to extend the life of your home, it is best to hire a contractor to install new equipment such as grills, built-in appliance, flooring, lighting, and more.

Hidden Damages

Even if your home does not show damages, you should dig deeper and check for possible repair below the floors, behind walls and above your ceilings. Go with the pros if you can a complete checkup of your drywall, air-conditioning, heating, insulation, flooring, electrical, and other elements that make your home comfortable to dwell in.

Modernize Flooring

It’s one decision that would dramatically upgrade your entire home. If you opt to modernize your flooring, a contractor could turn this project into a stress-free ordeal. This is particularly true if you have no idea about hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, carpet, and other flooring options. A contractor could guide you about cost, durability and installment details of your chosen flooring.

Added Lighting

Lighting can make even the oldest of homes look newer than it is. Some people want to convert all their lights at home with eco-friendly LED lighting, while others just want to improve aesthetics of their kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms with recessed lights, cove lights, or other concealed lighting techniques.

Paint Job

Painting the walls and ceilings of your home may seem like an easy task, but it actually isn’t. Asking a pro to do the job can be more cost-effective in the long run, since painting crews do it for a living and commit very minimal errors. Plus, subcontracting the painting job also ensures your house gets back to normal quicker.


The condition of your roof should always be kept checked because once any part of it gets damaged; it could cause destruction of the interiors of your home, furniture, appliance, and your other belongings. A professional roofing team can fix problems for you and assist with cleaning the roof with the right tools.

Do any of these repairs or upgrade interest you? Call Fox Contracting today, and let us help you with your home renovation projects.

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